Greater Kaweah GSA’s Paregien Basin Recharge Expansion Project Part of the Funding Package

 The Kaweah Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Agencies were awarded a $3.7 million Prop. 68 grant from the State to support groundwater sustainability. With a local cost share of approximately $1.3 million, there is a total of $5.1 million to build four groundwater recharge projects to benefit the landowners and residents who reside within the Kaweah Subbasin.

The Kaweah Subbasin is a prime agricultural area in the Central Valley and home to numerous small towns and communities, as well as the larger cities of Tulare and Visalia. Groundwater is a major water source for the landowners and residents who live within the region. The Subbasin is estimated to be approximately 80,000 acre feet in groundwater overdraft each year. Regions in the Subbasin are experiencing significant declines in groundwater levels. The four recharge projects funded by the grant will bolster the recharge capacity within the subbasin to help with the reduction of groundwater overdraft.

The Paregien Basin Recharge Expansion Project will add more recharge capacity to the Basin.

One of the four projects receiving funding is the Paregien Basin Recharge Expansion Project proposed by the Greater Kaweah Groundwater Sustainability Agency (Greater Kaweah GSA) and the Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District (KDWCD).

“The Greater Kaweah GSA Board has set as a priority to seek grant funds and local partnerships to build water supply enhancement projects,” stated Greater Kaweah General Manager Eric Osterling. “We will continue to focus funding toward building infrastructure identified within our Groundwater Sustainability Plan, like the Paregien Project, to enable us to succeed at the sustainable management of our groundwater resources.”

This Paregien Basin Recharge Expansion Project will enhance the recharge capacity and capability of an existing basin near the city limits of Farmersville. The project property is split by Deep Creek, which is a natural channel distributary from the Kaweah River that runs through the City of Farmersville. The proposed effort will expand an existing basin recently developed by KDWCD in a location known to have excellent groundwater recharging capabilities. The expansion is anticipated to generate 1,440 acre-feet per year of recharge in addition to providing flood protection and environmental benefits for migrating waterfowl.

The total project cost is approximately $1.2 million. The grant award is in the amount of $915,000 with a local cost-share of $310,400.  It is anticipated that the Paregien Project will be completed by the end of 2023.

Greater Kaweah GSA is committed to researching and applying to grant opportunities that meet goals and objectives under its SGMA obligation and that reduce direct costs for overlying landowners. If you are aware of a grant opportunity the GSA should consider, please contact us.

Kaweah Subbasin Successful in Obtaining Grant Funding to Build Groundwater Projects
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