The three Kaweah Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs), including the Greater Kaweah, are coordinating to host three educational workshops for their landowners on LandIQ and the collection of evapotranspiration (ET) data for groundwater management. The workshops, scheduled for March 15th, 17th, and 25th will provide the opportunity for landowners and stakeholders to learn how the Kaweah Subbasin is harnessing LandIQ’s technology to accurately measure ET at the farm level, and how landowners can view, understand, and manage their own ET data.

The workshops will also provide a brief introduction to the Kaweah Water Dashboard, an upcoming software tool that will allow landowners to strategically respond to SGMA through the delivery of key water use insights. The phase one release of the Dashboard will allow users to view historic ET data associated with their land and over time, will evolve to include more insight and capability so landowners can make informed decisions and flexibly manage their water resources.

The Kaweah Subbasin GSAs are using this data to better understand groundwater use.

Join us at an upcoming workshop to learn more about LandIQ ET data, and the Kaweah Water Dashboard development. Workshop topics will include:

  • Who is LandIQ, and how do they use remote sensing and ground-truthing to deliver highly accurate ET data?
  • How ET data translates to groundwater use measurement
  • How ET will be used by the GSAs
  • How landowners can view LandIQ ET data using the Kaweah Water Dashboard

View the workshop flyer here for details.

You can register for an upcoming workshop here.

Kaweah Subbasin Coordinates to Host Educational Workshops on LandIQ Data
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