The Greater Kaweah GSA (Greater) was formed with the intent to comply with the 2014 Sustainable Groundwater Management Act , or SGMA, and initiated their effort by executing a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) on August 23, 2016.  The Greater became an “exclusive” GSA for the area of coverage by the California Department of Water Resources in August 2017.

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Public Call For Projects and Management Actions

The GKGSA is soliciting concept proposals for projects and management actions that are consistent with the region's groundwater sustainability objectives.

Proposal Form

Household Water Supply Shortage Reporting System

The California Department of Water Resources has developed a form for use by individuals not on a public water system who are experiencing problems with their water supply and agencies receiving calls from those individuals. The information collected from the form is intended to inform state and local agencies on drought impacts on household water supplies. If you are facing water supply issues due to the drought, visit the link to fill out the reporting form.

Reporting Form

Adopted Final GKGSA GSP

An electronic copy of the Adopted GKGSA GSP is now available to be downloaded.


GKGSA Resources

Check out Greater Kaweah GSA boundary maps and other resources!


Recent News

  • Kaweah Subbasin Successful in Obtaining Grant Funding to Build Groundwater Projects

    Kaweah Subbasin Successful in Obtaining Grant Funding to Build Groundwater Projects

    Greater Kaweah GSA’s Paregien Basin Recharge Expansion Project Part of the Funding Package  The Kaweah Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Agencies were awarded a $3.7 million Prop. 68 grant from the State to support groundwater sustainability. With a local cost share of
  • Central Valley Groundwater Month: September 2021

    Central Valley Groundwater Month: September 2021

    What is Groundwater? Right under your feet, millions of gallons of water exist between rocks, sand, and gravel. Those permeable bodies of rock and sediment that are saturated with water are called aquifers.  Much of the water in the world exists
  • Proposition 218 Election Passes

    Proposition 218 Election Passes

    Following the closing of the Prop 218 assessment election public hearing on May 10th, the Greater Kaweah GSA Board tabulated and certified the ballot results, which favored the local assessment by 85 percent. The Board approved and set a rate

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